White Stone was established in 2012 to address the growing need for addiction recovery services within the Eastern Christian community. It aims to provide a long-term residential spiritual recovery centre, accommodating and treating individuals.

White Stone’s core services will cater for all forms of addictions. It will focus on rehabilitative treatment, education, prevention, and societal re-integration. Catering to the needs of individuals impacted by addiction from Eastern cultures and non-English-speaking backgrounds will be a primary focus. However, the service will be open to all who meet the eligibility criteria.

Including the individual’s family in the treatment process is of imperative importance for successful long-term recovery. Families will be required to participate in the therapeutic treatment process.

White Stone is designed upon the internationally-recognised principles of the Twelve Steps, and those of a Therapeutic Community, provided in unison with a range of current and proven psychological, physical, and spiritual therapies, in an environment strongly embracing Eastern Christian ethos, prayer, and ministry.

As no Eastern Christian long-term addiction recovery centres are currently in existence within our community, the current strengths and opportunities lie in White Stone’s community-focused, holistic mode of treatment, and Eastern Christian mode of service delivery.

For more information, please visit www.whitestone.org.au